Hello, I’m Emily Webber. I’m an Agile delivery and organisation consultant, trainer and coach. I used to be the Head of Agile Delivery at Government Digital Service (GDS) and have been independent since 2014. I work with public and private sector clients helping them transform into people focus on effective digital delivery organisations.

I have a lot of ongoing new and interesting personal and professional projects. Check them out in the links below.

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Current projects

My company: Tacit

Tacit is my Agile and Lean consulting company. It has a focus on organisational learning, coaching, training and staff development to help organisations be better through Agile and Lean tools and transformation.


Building Successful Communities of Practice

My book: Building Successful Communities of Practice

My book, based on my experience and research. It explains why connecting people through communities of practice supports accelerating professional development; breaking down organisational silos; enabling knowledge sharing and management; building better practice; helping to hire and retain staff, and making people happier.

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My blog: Emily Webber

My agile blog where I mostly write about things related to my Agile and lean work. You can also find my posts from the GDS blog and elsewhere.


Agile in the Ether

A meet-up: Agile in the Ether

A remote agile meet-up bringing together people from any location to discuss all things agile, lean, people, teams and delivery using a lean coffee format. Running since 2018.


Supporting diversity, diversitycharter.org

The Diversity Charter

A charter that anyone can sign to raise awareness of the importance of diversity at conferences and events. It was born out of the frustration of seeing the same people on stage all the time. It offers a way for people to pledge their commitment to changing that and some tools to help.


Witness the Fitness

Witness the Fitness is a small club of people wanting to get fitter. It uses social theory and Slack to create an environment to change people’s outlook and support them in their fitness goals


Past projects

Pattern and yarn

Pattern & Yarn

I’ve taken up knitting, so I’m making and selling colourful knitted hats for charity.


A meet-up: Agile on the Bench

A meet up and conference about Agile, on a park bench. It’s been a lunchtime, no-tech event where speakers talk about things related to agile themes since Nov 2014 and became a conference in a campsite in July 2015


Minimum viable book

Minimum Viable Book

A project with Amy Wagner. We experimented with writing a book about people who get things done. We collected stories from amazing people from different industries through workshops and interviews, publishing some on a website and in newspaper format.



A photo blog: London Shop Fronts

The reason I was interviewed on Radio 4’s Today Programme and appeared in the Guardian Weekend magazine. A photo documentation project, a typography study, a photo project and a love letter to London. Between 2010 and 2016, I regularly published photos of the more interesting shops that form the backdrop to London’s streets, gathering a collection of thousands, building up a fascinating historical collection of London.


Yeah Hackney, a community forum

A community forum: Yeah! Hackney

An independent social network/Hyperlocal community website for people in the London borough of Hackney.

Seeing a gap in tools that promoted community and positive action in Hackney, I decided to create an online forum that helped fill it. I created the site using WordPress and BuddyPress and iterated it to meet the community’s needs. I publicised, grew the site membership and managed the community.

The project was archived with 3215 members and an associated Twitter account of around 19k followers.


Agile in Leeds

A meet-up: Agile in Leeds

A meet-up I set up in Leeds for people interested in Agile. The meet-up provides a space for people to meet and talk about ideas with an emphasis on hearing voices from everyone and maintaining a diverse roster of speakers. I have since handed this over to some new (local) organisers


Get in touch

If you want to talk to me about any of my projects above, please get in touch.

Please note, that I no longer live in Hackney and cannot promote any Hackney events. I also don’t make shop fronts!